Oil & Gas Africa 2012

March 2, 2012

AMS will be exhibiting at Oil & Gas Africa 2012 which will be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from the 13thto the 15th of March.

Oil & Gas Africa is a Conference and Exhibition for suppliers and service providers to the upstream oil and gas industry.

AMS will be exhibiting an extensive range of Crosby chain and lifting components, Bridon high performance steel and fibre ropes & Scanrope Marine mooring ropes, our technicians will be available to offer technical advice over the 3 days.

AMS also offer the following products and services:

  • Floats, fenders & buoys.
  • Splicing & socketing.
  • Marine hardware.
  • Chain, webbing & wire rope slings.
  • Towing grommets.
  • Netting, twine & fibre ropes.
  • Rigging services.
  • Spooling services.
  • Blocks repair, refurbishment & testing.
  • Trawl manufacture.

We look forward to seeing you at the expo.



AMS Offshore & Lifting Division tackles Celtic Sea project

July 8, 2011

Since the arrival of the Transocean semi-submersible rig GSF Celtic Sea into Saldanha Bay in March many companies in the Western Cape have enjoyed the effect the rig has had on local business and none more so than African Maritime Services (AMS), well known by many as the largest supplier of commercial fishing gear in Southern Africa,  AMS’s Offshore and Lifting Division is also now building a solid reputation amongst the Maritime and Offshore industry to match that of the companies well respected 15 year old Fishing Division.

AMS was initially contracted by Transocean to refurbish, service or replace if necessary various blocks and sheaves onboard the Celtic Sea, 9 in total, this included 2 x 25 ton Riser Handling crane bottom blocks, 2 x 62.5 ton Headache Ball Assemblies (pictured) and 2 massive 85 ton Seatrax crane main bottom blocks the size of which was a real challenge for Andrew Tapping, AMS’s Marine and Offshore Manager stated “in the 25 years I have been involved in the lifting industry these are by far the largest blocks I have ever worked on” Andrew went on to say “the size was not the only challenge we faced the fact that the blocks had sheared bolts, had been exposed for so long to the elements and a tight schedule meant a few late nights had to be put in to get the job done”

As well as stripping, sandblasting, MPI testing, inspecting, refurbishing, reassembling, painting and certifying all the blocks Transocean also entrusted AMS to manufacture and supply bearings, steel wire rope and additional new blocks which included a 750kg bearing with a 830 mm diameter for the main traction winch, Teufelberger ultra high performance steel wire ropes of various sizes and lengths from 25mm to 34mm, and 11 spelter socketed life boat falls of 26mm. 

AMS Directors Alf Wallace and Rob Whitehead are very proud of the fact that AMS has once again proved the company has the experience, facilities and work ethic to complete such large contracts for possibly one of the largest offshore drilling companies in the world and would like to thank Transocean for the opportunity for yet again working with AMS on a rig refurbishment project.

Exciting new website from Notus Electronics

September 2, 2010

Notus Electronics Ltd. (Notus) has released and new website offering many online tools to trawler captains. The company supplies net monitoring systems to trawlers and seiners.

The tools on the new site meet a need for easily accessible trawl tools that can benefit any Captain. One of the most important tools is the Optimal Doorspread Calculation for single rig and twin rig trawls. Notus seen a need for this calculation after installing over 600 net monitoring systems. By simply entering some of the trawl’s parameters an optimal doorspread is calculated. This optimal doorspread can then be compared against the actual spread seen with Notus sensors while fishing. Adjustments can then be made so the vessel tows according to “spread not speed.” A similar tool is available to calculate wingend spread.

A special trawl tool was also added for twin rig trawlers. Captains can now enter their trawl parameters (trawl wire lengths and doorspread) and the Notus Middle Wire Adjustment will indicate the adjustment to align the doors and the clump. This is instrumental when making trawl designs and changes on shore. Aligning the clump and doors is critical on a twin trawl. If the clump is behind the doors, the trawls under spread. With the clump ahead of the doors, the trawls overspread. Of course, those with the Notus Trawlmaster have the middle wire adjustment calculated in real time while fishing.

The new Notus site offers a variety of other tools and information. A fuel savings calculator is offered so potential customers can estimate savings before they invest. Many visitors will also be interested in the video section where you can see Notus being used during active fishing operations.

Please contact andrew@africanmaritime.co.za if you require any further information regarding Notus products and services.

AMS Namibia set for growth

April 20, 2010

The Namibian branch of AMS, located in the fishing town of Walvis Bay, has employed an experienced trawl maker to reinforce the manufacturing side of the business.

Former skipper. Angelo Riobo, who fished the waters off Namibia for several years and later worked in the workshops of a large fishing company in Walvis Bay, is providing a valuable trawl manufacturing service to local companies.

For further information contact Toni Eremkin (Branch Manager) at info@africanmaritime.com.na

AMS expands reach in maritime industry with lifting and rigging

April 20, 2010

After 15 years of supplying premium quality trawls and trawl gear to the fishing industry, AMS is expanding into other areas of the maritime industry. The company has established a dedicated lifting, towing and rigging division under the management of Andrew Tapping.

Tapping has 25 years of experience in the lifting and rigging industry and is looking forward to taking the well respected AMS brand into new areas of business. “we are supplying steel wire ropes, chain hoists, lever hoists, shackles and associated products to the marine, mining and offshore oil & gas industries” says Tapping. “We believe there is huge potential for expansion”

Andrew can be contacted at andrewtapping@africanmaritime.co.za for further details.

Bridon International Limited Welcomes Constitutional Court in Johannesburg’s Decision

April 16, 2010

Bridon International Limited (“Bridon”) welcomes the decisions made by the Constitutional Court in Johannesburg, South Africa (9th March 2010), firstly, confirming that Anti-Dumping duties lapse on the expiry of the statutorily determined period of 5 years plus 18 months and, secondly, to overturn the decision of the High Court that prevented International Trade Administration Commission (“ITAC”) and the Ministers for Trade and Finance from enacting ITAC’s recommendation to lift the anti-dumping duties on sales of Bridon’s products in the South African Customs Union.

This recommendation was the result of ITAC’s thorough investigations during the “sunset review” that found that Bridon had not dumped steel wire rope and that there was no likelihood of future dumping.

Jon Templeman, CEO of Bridon said “I believe that this decision will open the South African market for steel wire ropes to increased competition which can only be of benefit to South African consumers of our products.”

And continued, “Bridon looks forward to meeting with customers old and new and serving the South African market for many years to come.”

New Supply Agreements Finalised

April 16, 2010

African Maritime Services are happy to announce that new exclusive supply agreements have been finalised with the following international suppliers:

Crosby Europe – Crosby is considered the standard of the industry, both nationally and internationally. This can be drawn from the fact that most contracts involving rigging products in the U.S. and around the world read “Crosby Only” or “Crosby or Equal.”  AMS can now exclusively supply our customers with all their Crosby Chain & Lifting requirements, check out the new Lifting section on our website http://www.africanmaritime.co.za/main/index-lifting.htm , for your convenience we have Crosby Chain & Lifting catalogues in both metric and imperial!  Contact Andrew Tapping for further details, andrewtapping@africanmaritime.co.za

Notus Electronics – a developer and manufacturer of advanced net monitoring solutions for the commercial fishing industry. Established since 1992, the company has brought a number of sophisticated wireless monitoring systems to the market. The overall driving force behind development and marketing has been reliable products that remain affordable for all size vessels.  AMS can now exclusively supply and offer support to our customers with all Notus products, check out Notus’ website for up to date product information http://www.notus.nf.ca/ 

ScanRope Marine AS – Since 1796 and throughout its more than 210 years of business, ScanRope has played an active part in the development of Norwegian industry. ScanRope was established to supply ropes for maritime activities.  The company, however, has continually adapted to the modern world, applying the latest techniques and pioneering new processes and products.  ScanRope Marine AS was established January 1st 2004 to concentrate on shipping related activities into a separate company. The KARAT ropes are produced at the ultra-modern manufacturing facility of Eurorope Performance Rope Producer in Thiva, Greece.  AMS are proud to announce our new exclusive supply agreement for all your advanced fibre rope requirements, check out our Marine & Offshore section on our website for more details of advanced fibre ropes manufactured by ScanRope Marine AS http://www.africanmaritime.co.za/main/index-marine-offshore.htm

African Maritime Services would like to welcome Crosby, Notus and ScanRope to our existing family of quality products such as Bridon, Lankhorst Euronete, Markussens, Gaylin and Castro.

African Maritime Services experiences an increase in demand for advanced fibre ropes!

April 24, 2009

(open attached file for details)

Advanced Fibre Ropes

The presentation & product page have been created in .pdf format. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF’s. If you do not have this program installed please download from http://www.adobe.com/

Euralpact Steel Wire Rope

March 13, 2008

Euralpact Presentation

Euralpact Product Page

African Maritime Services also stock the ever popular Eurowire and Europact steel wire ropes, for more information please visit our Trawl Warp section which can be found on our Products Page.

The presentation & product page have been created in .pdf format. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF’s. If you do not have this program installed please download from http://www.adobe.com/ 

AMS Bringing You Innovative NEW Trawl Gear

March 7, 2008