New Supply Agreements Finalised

African Maritime Services are happy to announce that new exclusive supply agreements have been finalised with the following international suppliers:

Crosby Europe – Crosby is considered the standard of the industry, both nationally and internationally. This can be drawn from the fact that most contracts involving rigging products in the U.S. and around the world read “Crosby Only” or “Crosby or Equal.”  AMS can now exclusively supply our customers with all their Crosby Chain & Lifting requirements, check out the new Lifting section on our website , for your convenience we have Crosby Chain & Lifting catalogues in both metric and imperial!  Contact Andrew Tapping for further details,

Notus Electronics – a developer and manufacturer of advanced net monitoring solutions for the commercial fishing industry. Established since 1992, the company has brought a number of sophisticated wireless monitoring systems to the market. The overall driving force behind development and marketing has been reliable products that remain affordable for all size vessels.  AMS can now exclusively supply and offer support to our customers with all Notus products, check out Notus’ website for up to date product information 

ScanRope Marine AS – Since 1796 and throughout its more than 210 years of business, ScanRope has played an active part in the development of Norwegian industry. ScanRope was established to supply ropes for maritime activities.  The company, however, has continually adapted to the modern world, applying the latest techniques and pioneering new processes and products.  ScanRope Marine AS was established January 1st 2004 to concentrate on shipping related activities into a separate company. The KARAT ropes are produced at the ultra-modern manufacturing facility of Eurorope Performance Rope Producer in Thiva, Greece.  AMS are proud to announce our new exclusive supply agreement for all your advanced fibre rope requirements, check out our Marine & Offshore section on our website for more details of advanced fibre ropes manufactured by ScanRope Marine AS

African Maritime Services would like to welcome Crosby, Notus and ScanRope to our existing family of quality products such as Bridon, Lankhorst Euronete, Markussens, Gaylin and Castro.


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