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Exciting new website from Notus Electronics

September 2, 2010

Notus Electronics Ltd. (Notus) has released and new website offering many online tools to trawler captains. The company supplies net monitoring systems to trawlers and seiners.

The tools on the new site meet a need for easily accessible trawl tools that can benefit any Captain. One of the most important tools is the Optimal Doorspread Calculation for single rig and twin rig trawls. Notus seen a need for this calculation after installing over 600 net monitoring systems. By simply entering some of the trawl’s parameters an optimal doorspread is calculated. This optimal doorspread can then be compared against the actual spread seen with Notus sensors while fishing. Adjustments can then be made so the vessel tows according to “spread not speed.” A similar tool is available to calculate wingend spread.

A special trawl tool was also added for twin rig trawlers. Captains can now enter their trawl parameters (trawl wire lengths and doorspread) and the Notus Middle Wire Adjustment will indicate the adjustment to align the doors and the clump. This is instrumental when making trawl designs and changes on shore. Aligning the clump and doors is critical on a twin trawl. If the clump is behind the doors, the trawls under spread. With the clump ahead of the doors, the trawls overspread. Of course, those with the Notus Trawlmaster have the middle wire adjustment calculated in real time while fishing.

The new Notus site offers a variety of other tools and information. A fuel savings calculator is offered so potential customers can estimate savings before they invest. Many visitors will also be interested in the video section where you can see Notus being used during active fishing operations.

Please contact if you require any further information regarding Notus products and services.