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AMS Offshore & Lifting Division tackles Celtic Sea project

July 8, 2011

Since the arrival of the Transocean semi-submersible rig GSF Celtic Sea into Saldanha Bay in March many companies in the Western Cape have enjoyed the effect the rig has had on local business and none more so than African Maritime Services (AMS), well known by many as the largest supplier of commercial fishing gear in Southern Africa,  AMS’s Offshore and Lifting Division is also now building a solid reputation amongst the Maritime and Offshore industry to match that of the companies well respected 15 year old Fishing Division.

AMS was initially contracted by Transocean to refurbish, service or replace if necessary various blocks and sheaves onboard the Celtic Sea, 9 in total, this included 2 x 25 ton Riser Handling crane bottom blocks, 2 x 62.5 ton Headache Ball Assemblies (pictured) and 2 massive 85 ton Seatrax crane main bottom blocks the size of which was a real challenge for Andrew Tapping, AMS’s Marine and Offshore Manager stated “in the 25 years I have been involved in the lifting industry these are by far the largest blocks I have ever worked on” Andrew went on to say “the size was not the only challenge we faced the fact that the blocks had sheared bolts, had been exposed for so long to the elements and a tight schedule meant a few late nights had to be put in to get the job done”

As well as stripping, sandblasting, MPI testing, inspecting, refurbishing, reassembling, painting and certifying all the blocks Transocean also entrusted AMS to manufacture and supply bearings, steel wire rope and additional new blocks which included a 750kg bearing with a 830 mm diameter for the main traction winch, Teufelberger ultra high performance steel wire ropes of various sizes and lengths from 25mm to 34mm, and 11 spelter socketed life boat falls of 26mm. 

AMS Directors Alf Wallace and Rob Whitehead are very proud of the fact that AMS has once again proved the company has the experience, facilities and work ethic to complete such large contracts for possibly one of the largest offshore drilling companies in the world and would like to thank Transocean for the opportunity for yet again working with AMS on a rig refurbishment project.